Zhang’s Kitchen Chinese menu prices haven’t changed in over 6 years, so you are getting the best deal in the Amherst area. Our restaurant provides free delivery, and our minimum is only $10 (only because we are located a little far from the center of Amherst. Also check out our party trays, which can feed 6-8+ people for under $29.99.

Eating Healthier:

  • When you order chicken, beef, seafood dishes tell us less brown sauce, or brown sauce on the side. Brown sauce is great but you can ask for less.
  • When you order rice ask for less oil, or little bit of oil.


  • You can change from rice to lo mein for Special Dinners and American Dishes for 1.00-2.00 extra.
  • You can change from white/brown rice to fried rice for Quart dishes for 1.50-2.00 extra (not for pint dishes).
  • Drinks (cans): Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Pepsi, Diet Coke, Brisk Ice Tea = .99 cents

Most popular dishes:

  • (Vegetarian) Sauteed Mixed Vegetables Dinner – $6.95 – Ask to change to vegetable fried rice and veggie roll instead of pork fried rice and egg roll.
  • Chicken Wings & French Fries – $5.75 – Great fast food meal at a great price. Add a soda or drink for $1.00
  • Lo-Mein Party Tray – 24.95 – You can add beef, shrimp, chicken, or pork. Feeds 6-8+ people
  • Free tea & soup crackers – For dine-in, people love the appetizer snack before their meal or with their soup


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Zhang’s Kitchen – Amherst Chinese Food at its best. Our Chinese food menu may not be updated, be sure to ask when calling into our Amherst, MA restaurant.