We Deliver!



The Umass Amherst Library

We deliver to the Umass campus and everywhere in Amherst



What Chinese restaurants in Amherst delivers? A few, but how many restaurants don’t charge a delivery fee? How many restaurants don’t have a $15 minimum?

Our restaurant, located next to the Moan & Dove on West Street, delivers chinese food to all the local campuses (Hampshire College, Amherst College, Umass Amherst), as well as  North Amherst, South Amherst . And there is no delivery charge!

We can deliver outside of the area for catering orders. Also, we have free food at our restaurant for pickup orders:

  • Free fried rice for any order of $15
  • Free General Tso Chicken for any order above $30

Try out our restaurant. The best restaurant in Amherst, and we have free delivery. Can’t beat that!

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